Thinking from only customers’ point of view…

Awarded for the Best Distributor Safyre(app.20,000 Safyre sold) for female urinary incontinence treatment(Promedon, Argentina)

Awarded for ‘Distributor of the Year(2005)   GreenLight(Laserscope, USA)

Awarded for ‘Distributor of the Year(2006)  GreenLight(AMS, USA)

Asia and S.Africa(2007) Regional Award(2007)  Plasma Kinetic Electrosurgical Units(SP,G400) (GyrusACMI)

Best Distributor of the Year(2018)  Titan(Inflatable Penile Prosthesis, Coloplast)


Prostatic Hyperthermia System

A Nd/Yag Laser for Gall Bladdar Stone Disintergration(FREDDY,U100 by WOM Germany)

A Clipping system to close fistular on GI tract (OVESCO Germany)…   introduced to korea for the first time ever

Urodynamic Systems(250 units sold, Laborie, Canada)

World’s best sales record with a prostatic hyperthermia systems(Cheung Lab, USA)

World’s best sales record with TUNA(Trans Urethral Needle Ablation)  (VidaMed/Medtronic, USA)