L-ord – adapt a retina laser to your slit lamp as easy as 1-2-3

A.R.C. Laser Gmbh, Laser Innovation Made in Germany

The system enables you to combine your slit lamp with a retina laser. Simply via plug-and-play, connected in just a few simple steps. The laser optics can be removed at any time. It allows a regular use of your slit lamp, whenever you are not going to perform retinal laser application.

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I have experienced all the research from Xenon-Lamp via the argon laser to the KTPLasers.Today the latest so called „Argon“ is as compact as a camera – If I would have known that 43 years ago, we could havesaved a lot of work in research and development – That‘s Life.


WOLF the powerful table-top diode laser with up to 18 W – A.R.C. Laser

The WOLF – optional with 980 nm or 1470 nm – has the potential for a big amount of applications. The laser is designed for giving up to 18 watt output power.

The WOLF gains significance through qualitiy, design and the art of processing