R3 : Solutions, Places, Time

A solution with a tibial nerve stimulation was introduced for the first time by STM.

Better efficacy, safety, durability and less complications

We’re all the times keenly interested in de novo great attempts, trials and technologies to address the core of BPH associated disfunctions, abnormalities and complications after interventions that may limit wider applications of various great technologies available on the market for. Better efficacy, safety, durability and less complications to enhance the quality of life one way or the other should be the fundemental and essential requirements of all measures, solutions to BPH.

A microwave hyperthermia system(TUMT), TransUrethral Needle Ablation(TUNA), a KTP laser(GreenLight/HPS), Plasma Kinetic electrosurgical units for TURP(GyrusAcmi), Prostatic Urethral Lift(PUL/Urolift) assessed as the best coapted to the requirements at each time ever introduced with great success into Korea through STM

Frequency Doubled ND / Yag Laser

Endourology represented with a stone management lies in one of main stremes of our business, not only urinary calculi such as ureter stones, renal stones or bladdar stones but also even gall bladdar stone managements.

STM was one of the early pioneers to introduce Extracorporal ShockWave Lithotriptor(ESWL), one of all time game changers in urinary stone managements and, another earth breaking technology called FREDDY(Frequency Doubled ND/Yag Laser) at that time was for the first time ever introduced into Korea to see about hard to solve the bladdar stones as well as gall bladdar stone disintergration. For renal stone managements, all the retrospective approach devices such as JJ, Access Sheath and Guidewires etc. are also in our portfolio.

Right Solutions to Right Places at Right Time

STM was the first introducer of so called Trans Obturator approach in sling procedures while Trans Vesical approach along with possible complication of bladdar reptures during the procedure was dominant over the market. The TO approcah now as proven is much safer with no less efficacy rather than the TV. STM was one of the most successful sling distributor at all times in Korea with incredable increase in sales of the products(monthly more than 1,000 slings back in 2005,2006). On the top of that, more than 200 units of UDS were sold.

In parallel with the company’s philasophy of  ‘Right Solutions to Right Places at Right Time‘, an intra urethral pump to empty the neurogenic(atonic) bladdar of female patients with a magnetic force activated by a hand held activator, that enables to rotate the small motor incorporated in the small catheter looking housing temporarily(upto 29 days) fixed in between bladdar wall and outer vagina through the urethra was introduced for the first time to Korea by STM as well.

OAB(Over Active Bladdar) as said is one of hard to solve disorders in the bladdar until today, as a solution a tibial nerve stimulation was conceived as an option to deal with the problems. A solution with a tibial nerve stimulation was introduced for the first time by STM.

Offering all kinds of solutions required by the implanters and patients.

ED(Erectile Dysfunction) today tends to get more common in those who are at that aged or suffer from circulatory disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol associated problems or metabolic abnormalities as well as psychological disorders

As a fundermental solution, penile prosthesis implants are widely recommended by the implanters and voluntarily accepted by the patients nevertheless some possible complications caused by later on infections or erosions that may lead to revision surgeries afterward. Korea is now known as one of the biggest markets of the penile prosthesis implants around the world, and STM is now leading the market in Korea.

Both MPP and IPP are all available from STM, In particular STM’s so far accmulated experience and professionalism in Andrology market are capable of offering all kinds of solutions required by the implanters and patients.